I know it's the middle of the week but for those of you who want to get away, I have just the right tune! Let's get on the train to the blessed land of vintage-flavoured beats! And who can provide a better ride than Wax Tailor himself!

The French producer is back with another single, adding up to his upcoming album Fishing For Accidents. It's rather impossible not to recognize his signature from the moment you press 'play'. For the tune, he only says: "100% of the samples used in this composition have been mistreated, manipulated, degraded and dissected with no restraint."

The vintage piano, trippy vocal chops and snippets from retro movies paint a vibrant picture, while the drums make your head nod endlessly till you spiral away. In other words, "Forbidden Cabinet" is your ticket to chillaxation!

posted by Nora
May 2022