I am so happy to welcome back Ingolf (Worldtraveller) on our label team. This time he brought a friend, someone I've been a fan of for some time - Ricardo Schneider.

The Brazil-via-Germany friendship brings to us a high-quality lofi brew made of swift guitar licks, warm keys, Asian-inspired strings and organic percussion. Today's release - "Earth" is the title track from their upcoming EP which we're dropping in April.

This elegant composition aims to draw a blissful picture in the listener’s head of a purifying outdoor setting, where his spirit can become one with nature and he could fully recharge. Reflecting on the process of  ‘grounding’ and tuning one’s self to nature’s frequency, this track symbolizes the inner peace, stemming from the art of being present in the moment and accepting all that is.

“When my friend Living Room ( Worldtraveller ) asked me to join him in this project a couple of months ago, I was very honoured and excited to be a part of this. His ideas and elements fit perfectly with the way that i like to create music, and the result is something organic, real, that we truly put our hearts into it.”, shares Ricardo.

posted by Ivo
March 2022