The EP Somewhere In the Middle released by Zes earlier this year was my gateway into his distinct brand of folktronica.

Decorated around the pacifying guitar works are these subtle pads lingering in the backdrop, and I can't neglect to mention the glittery synth tones which enliven the high end. It's the comforting vocal delivery by Zes that is sure to ensnare your attention though. Especially since he adopts a more uplifting tone towards the end of the second verse to emphasize the ideas behind the songwriting.

Seahaven tells the story of an artificial existence, not unlike the world of the 'Truman Show’. In this fabricated universe built on extrinsic motivators like status, money, and possession, it becomes easier to lose touch with one another, and with a common sense of reality. With this song I felt like escaping the plastic veil of the artificial, only if just for a moment.

bitbird · Zes - Somewhere in the Middle
posted by Lu
November 2020