posted by Ivo
June 2018

A day after the latest Chillhop Summer Essentials album review, the front-live beat soldier Pandrezz gifts us an absolutely gorgeous release. I guess the French producer does not sleep.

If you ever are to roam the streets of the French capital, A Summer Day In Paris is the music you absolutely should be listening to. Now, in all fairness, I've never been there, but based on all my French friends and stories from people who have visited - there's something special about the city. I always had a picture in my head about it and I know some day I'll end up there. Until then, however, I feel that this EP is a perfect sonic reflection of the charming side of Paris.

Pandrezz crafted 5 beautiful beats each quite different than the one before. The magic of the whole EP, however, is that it is a carefully thought journey and each step must be. Each title and melody somehow describes parts of the perfect summer day.

Wake up with the energizing vibe of "Café" and then you naturally have to discover the mysteries of the city with "Montmartre Wanderer" (featuring our friend j'san). EP's 3rd track "Bonbon" is by far the most playful - I guess that's the time to the vibrant streets and grab your first beer of the day. And what is a day in Paris without hitting a jazz bar/club? I have to say I quite love the vocal sample of Ines Ella. This is the first time I stumble upon her name, but there's something utterly comforting about her distant melodies.

It's 10:30PM and I guess A Summer Day In Paris's last track "Quiet Evening by the Docks" resonates the most with how I feel. I instantly fell in love with the last song and I felt a little bit sad when I saw that this journey come to an end. It's comforting and warm. An emotional blanket, if that makes sense. This track is the sole reason I love music. Pandrezz, you've outdone yourself. Thank you!

Support / buy the album from Bandcamp here.