posted by Nasko
May 2019

This is the best getaway you can have.

Although a year without a summer sounds horrible (especially when it's May), what you're about to hear is gorgeous on another level.

Trombobby and C-MO teamed up again (after Jio), now for a longer project - a whole EP.

Exactly 24 min long, The Year Without A Summer will take you on an incredible journey. Except for those two magicians, a few other super talented musicians took part in the project - like Evden from DAYO and Peter Yotov.

If I had to pick a favourite (which is pretty hard, must admit), I'd say "PLAY THIS WHEN THE WORLD ENDS". The title grabs you by the throat, but the track is so positive and fresh, it kinda makes you think the end won't be that bad.

And I'm sure you've wondered, so here's the story behind the name - it's pretty deep and captivating:

The seven-track release drew inspiration from a multitude of sources, chief among them the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora on the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia. The largest such event in the past 1,500 years, it spread enormous amounts of volcanic ash across the planet, significantly lowered global temperatures and ushered in a volcanic winter.

The sequence shifted global populations, helped create religious movements, and inspired numerous works of art. Nature, until then viewed as a kind and benevolent ally, seemed to turn its back on humanity overnight, resulting in panic and religious fervor, but also artistic and scientific insight.

This is something to play on repeat. And it gets better and better each time.