Ok so I've been contemplating the decision to post this for about 2 months now. Yes I'm a big fan of the currently un-signed Melbourne outfit ALTA, but this track is something so far out of the box that I was never quite sure if I was destined to be alone in my complete obsession with it.

My decision to ignore my probable, sensible reluctance to share this with the wider Fox community can probably be best explained by the following transmission of a conversation in our office today;

 Me: You have to hear this track

Office: What is it?

Me: Not quite sure but listen anyway

Office: Are they Drones?

Me: Possibly

Office: Wtf? Elephants?

Me: Probably

About 32 seconds later..................

 Office: Oh my God, where can I get this?

 Me: Stereofox

So yeah, here it is. If you're looking for background music for the office, or you're hampered from adjusting the volume from it's current "pleasant" level - this one is probably not for you.

If however you have re-visited The Jungle Book in adult life and found it strangely trippy or have often wondered what it sounds like in Christopher Nolan's head - then this one's for you.

posted by Staff
September 2015