With a pitch like "as if Boards of Canada were trying to make a pop songs", there was no way I'm skipping on listening to UTO.

Truth be told, the French dream pop duo blew my mind and their new single "2MOONS" is nothing short of perfection. Dark and eerie energy, vocals drenched in emotional exhaustion, and instrumental that's heavily inspired by the glory 90s days of trip-hop - I mean what's not to love about the works of UTO?

It’s a song about you
I’m talking to you
I sing about danger
I sing about the danger of this collision between what we have and what we lack
How do you live with what you miss

The Paris-based duo started making music in 2016. They thrive on contrasts and embrace paradoxes, something clearly visible while listening to "2MOONS", released via InFiné Music. The song is delicate, yet rough around the edges and it made me feel both extremely sad, and strangely empowered.

posted by Ivo
March 2024