Few months ago we introduced to the gem, that is  Spirit Face's  "Hold It Down", which marked the launching TEEF Records - a label created by the founder of crucial for the Australian scene blog Sound Doctrine Tommy Faith. The guy never disappointed in finding unexpectedly awesome talents every now and then.

After few other releases TEEF strikes again with yet another sick highlight in the face of Sydney producer Anatole.'s  "Away", featuring the extremely fragile and beautiful vocals of Melbourne's singer Tash Parker, who we don't know much about, but this track surely made me look forward to hear more from her. I've been following Anatole., known to his parents as Jonathan Barker for quite a while now and every time he releases something on his Soundcloud page it leaves me with inspiration and expectations of what's coming up from him.

For me "Away" is a brilliant sonic illustration of how late rainy august afternoon. The reversed piano loop at the beginning and the warm, smooth, snappy beat just makes you start falling gently into an infinite wormhole of tenderness full of subtle colourful particles moving randomly around, creating beautiful patterns. As a classically trained musician coming from Sydney Conservatorium, Anatole. manages to use classical instruments and arrange them with cleverly produced electronic beats in a really effective and haunting way, which to some extend kinda makes me think of the way Olafur Arnalds is doing that.

The repeated line "I just want to stay in bed" reinforces me in my wish not to get out of the comfort of my bed and my isolation from the real world and stay under the blanket of the heavenly beautiful sounds of "Away". If you want to experience this and you happen to be in Sydney, you can see Anatole. launching "Away" live with string quartet and promising visuals in September. If not, feel free to abuse the repeat button, making whatever part of your day/night is wherever you are, a bit more delicate.

posted by Staff
August 2015