posted by Ivo
January 2014

I've said it before - my Bose headphones have a tiny special place way way high on my wall. Given my not that significant height it makes it sometimes difficult to take them down, but there are artists I would literally run, do a spin and take them down in order to fully enjoy the art they create. One of those artists is Tycho. Cross my heart and hope to die - he and Bonobo are the two pillars of electronic/instrumental music nowadays.

After the release of "Awake", the American visual artist & producer surprises us with fairly rock-influenced instrumental called "Montana". I really love the direction he has taken with his new album - way more "live", so to say. Also, he will be touring Europe and USA, so I can see him live in Berlin! If you are fans of what you hear - check his tour dates. You won't regret.

Scoutt and his band will blow your mind. Also - check his interview for The Great Discontent (awesome website).

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