Piercing the heart, "Firebreak" is a track that deeply moves and offers a nearly cathartic experience.

Caravãna Sun's latest song was written and recorded amidst the catastrophic bushfires on the East coast of Australia, Inspired by the blood orange skies, the track also reflects on the measures we take in our lives to protect the things we love. No matter how hard we try, sometimes the wildfire is bound to jump the line. "Firebreak" is about that melancholic beauty and the mesmerising grace of a dancing flame in the night sky.

With its incredible emotivity, strong instrumentation and soul-stirring vocals, this track might be one of the best instalments from the Australian band this year. Nevertheless, it makes me wonder what would they treat us within the upcoming months, so I'm definitely keeping an eye on them and will keep you posted.

posted by Nora
February 2022