I'm delighted to have another Soul Food Horns member on our label - Howden, together with the amazing Clifford (from Slug), whom we've covered a dozen times.

Today, they bring you the smoothest of jazz beats - "Noodle" which alongside the gentle drum groove & warm guitars, has an outstanding brass line that drips like honey.

“Howden and I got together in April of 2022 in between one of my busy touring schedules to work at our buddy’s studio in Bastrop, the same studio that we used for parts of the Glimlip Twelve Chapters album. We spent 2 days there and cranked out 8 projects, 2 of which were solo piano pieces by Howden himself. Since I was touring so much during 2022, this was such a nice release to get to work on some original music with one of my close friends in the same studio where we made some great recordings in the past.”, Clifford shared.

Stream/buy this gem on your fav platform here.

posted by Nasko
last month