History rarely knows a band with such a fitting name as the one we have here. Dune Rats are two sloppy-looking bum-like slackers, that resemble the guys from Wayne's World (and judging by their Facebook cover pic they are proud of it) and whose main occupation is getting high, drinking jager, throwing up and occasionally writing a track or two about how less they care for...pretty much anything. So far - nothing new, typical not-so-elegantly wasted youths, who stick it to the Man by being a burden on society.

 So why did those guys stood out for me? Reason #1: recently indie music has become more and more snobbish and "artsy". And though admittedly that describes a huge portion of the bands I listen to, I still find Dune Rats' lack of hipster pretentiousness refreshing. "Red Light, Green Light" is a carefree punky song that immediately goes under your skin, and why wouldn't it - it has a nice tune and a simple message - we are lame, you are vain, we probably wouldn't like each other. In the Green Version video to the track, the two rats are chain-smoking bongs and in the Red Version they break into a theme park in Coney Island and act like idiots. Frankly, both videos make the slacker teen in me want to be a rat, too - reason #2.

 Dune Rats are Danny "Garth" Beusa and BC "Wayne" Michaels, two Australians that have been making music for a few years now, and if you are into surf-pop, you should definitely check out these mates others stuff, too. 

posted by Iva
March 2013