Another gem from Elijah Nang's new album, "C O D E N A M E A N A N S I" is a gorgeous blend of beats and electronica.

The track has a gorgeous chill vibe and dangerously immersive character. With a futuristic flavour, this tune brings us somewhere ahead of our time, triggering our imagination.

The crunchy drums and the slick bassline provide a solid ground for the brilliant swinging synth works to do their magic and the tune has a hypnotizing effect, which you'll inevitably experience if you listen to it from start to finish.

"C O D E N A M E A N A N S I" is one of my favs from this album, together with "T E L E K I N E S I S ( F L Y L O T R I B U T E )", 3 0 0 0 Y E A R S L A T E R and "M I Z U S T A T I O N" and if you still haven't listened to this genre-bending masterpiece, it's about time you do it: · Elijah Nang - Gaijin 3000
posted by Nora
February 2022