It's been ages since I've featured an acoustic/indie folk song. And man, how I've missed it! Especially with autumn creeping around the corner.

Today's treat comes from Australian-born, Stockholm-based rising singer-songwriter Hazlett. "Mama's Boy" comes ahead of his Goodbye to the Valley Low EP (out Dec 8th), which was created in a remote cabin in Sweden.

The magnificent single carries Hazlett's rawer & more stripped sound - gentle guitars & warm vocals, perfect for reminiscing or taking some time for yourself. He elaborates on the meaning behind the song, “There’s something disarming about a nice person, you build them up in your head that they can do no wrong and the minute they do it stones you. We don’t bat an eye at the scumbags and lowlifes when they cross us, we almost expect it from them. Maybe it’s because of the sincerity we dress the “good ones” in, maybe it’s our own fault or maybe at the end of the day people are just going to be people.”

The official music video is also mesmerizingly beautiful:

And if you're reading & can't get enough of this sound, we just updated our Indie Escape playlist.

posted by Nasko
October 2023