"Mountains" is a ground-shaking track, which plays with vulnerability and strength to encapsulate deep emotivity into a majestic blend of folk and cinematic, left-field pop.

The first single under the moniker I Used To Be Sam, this song represents a new chapter in Postmodern Jukebox's Annie Goodchild. The project was born when the acclaimed singer, songwriter and recording artist took an Ancestry DNA test and learned that before being adopted, they used to be named Samantha.  

The track enchants with fantastic instrumentation and of course Annie's brilliant vocals. The strong melodicism combined with driving percussion makes the composition full of vitality, complimenting the emotion in the singer's voice. Knowing what triggered the new sonic endeavour, I'm more than curious to hear the next instalment of this exciting new journey Annie decided to take us on.

posted by Nora
March 2022