Boy genius Ian Ewing is back with a tasty "Midnight Snack" for everyone enjoying a chilled Sunday.

I am coming down with the flu and 39 degrees temperature last night, but even though I feel KO-ed, this beat felt like the perfect chill pill today. Ian returns with his unique blend of hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music, which has earned him a loyal following in the underground music scene. The reason we've been following for years now.

"Midnight Snack is the lead track off of my forthcoming EP. It started loosely inspired by one of my all-time favorite beats, “Runnin’” by J Dilla, with plucked acoustic guitar chords laying the foundation, giving an undeniable warm/summery feeling. Feathery chords and soft melodies are contrasted with big, punchy percussion and thick bass, making this instrumental equally relaxing and energetic.", shares Ian.

Get ready to groove with some atmospheric and textured soundscapes t hanks to "Midnight Snack".

posted by Ivo
February 2023