Sometimes we like an indie rock song to the extent of sharing it with you, and the Germany-based band Kerala Dust is bound to go under your skin within the first few notes.

Kerala Dust is made up of Edmund Kenny behind the microphone and synths, Harvey Grant on keys, and Lawrence Howarth on guitar. They entered the rehearsal room for the first time back in 2016, and their sound is a fusion of psychedelic rock, blues, and techno.

"Future Visions" is part of the album Violet Drive, and it catches me late at night when all I want to do is roam the streets of the city where only the lights burning from the lamps above me matter. The album was recorded in two weeks in a studio in the Alps outside of Zurich. You can hear The Velvet Underground influence as the song stretches with humming guitars and a voice that sounds almost tired. Another one for my late conversations with myself.

posted by Krisi
December 2022