When a world traveler finds his home in soulful music…

A cloudy concept grappling between firm roots in Hong Kong and new sprouts in New York, "Finding Home" is taken off of the upcoming Soul Feather EP. As part of a gapless-play EP, it's no surprise that the track gets straight to the point, just after a few-second short intro.

Toying with the struggles of finding home and belonging, Metic's "Finding Home" explores the realms of soulful instrumental hip-hop with a sprinkle of funky guitar layers. The warm rounded drums pulse with the constant movement of the urban ambiance of the new city lifestyle, while the wah guitar adds an upbeat flavor to the sonic journey. The subtle melodic pads and synths support the groove and give the track its lowkey melancholic touch to complement some of the bright textures - a perfect metaphor for the feelings of nostalgia, homesickness and exciting uncertainty.

The full Soul Feather EP infuses lush guitar elements with sample-based soundscapes, telling a story about traveling, self-discovery and artistic expression. It will be out on April 27th via Stereofox Records in all its musical glory!

posted by Chris
April 2021