Last month we had the pleasure of covering the debut track "Take The Time" of the new Hip-Hop, RnB collaborative project called Midnight.Blue. With featuring members of Lettuce, The Motet, Sunsquabi, Pretty Lights Live Band the Colorado-based supergroup will simply blow your mind with stunning grooves, tight hip-hop acoustic drums & breaks, gentle neo-soul vocals, stellar guitar arrangements, and mesmerizing brass sections.

"Breathe" is an experience of emotions like joy, happiness, warmth, and love. It has the role of those positive feelings that we all need in our lives and once we go through them, difficult situations are easier to handle.

"Breathe evokes a sense of calm, and reminds us to breathe, enjoy what life brings, and that we can always turn to music in times of darkness to get us through and help us feel alive."


posted by Boris
July 2022