Hypnotic, cozy, delicate, soothing and all these cliches don't even begin to describe "Waterfalls." For me, it's a lazy afternoon on a foreign shore, soaking up the sun, carried away by the beautiful guitar strings permeating the track.

"Waterfalls" is producer G Mills and guitarist Molly McPhaul's contribution to Chillhop Music's Essential Summer compilation released at the beginning of June. You have all the right to expect a lot in terms of both musicianship and production, and you'll still be in for a surprise!

For the love of God, pay special attention to the moment where the drums hit (around 0:37)! It's a soundscape of production done right.

"Waterfalls" is invigorating. It's mesmerizing, It captures the essence of chillhop in less than three minutes.

posted by Dimitar
June 2021