"Music Ruined My Life" is a strong statement but when it comes from Moods, we know there's something special about it.

In fact, his latest full LP titled Music Ruined My Life carries his signature grooves, fresh vibes, and rich instrumentation - just the way Moods knows best. And I can say with certainty that he looooves it that music "ruined" his life.

"The Necessary Change" is the focus track of the record, and comes after we've already heard the jazzy "Talk About It". With lots of guitar licks, funky basslines & shakers, and playful synths, this piece will absolutely make you feel like everything's okay.

The project was recorded in Leiden during the peak of the pandemics with a band, giving Music Ruined My Life full-on jazz & soulful touch. Moods elaborates:

There really wasn’t a huge concept or target for this record, it was more about tapping into the pure joy of making and creating music. The pandemic was such a weird time, there was a lot of uncertainty in all aspects of life. So it almost felt like the perfect time to try something new. Having the band together in one room was a real rush, I liked how the record came together and how each artist brought their own energy to the project.
I enjoy working with vocals, and I think the vocalists I have worked with on projects so far have been amazing. But when you take that element out and focus more on the instrumentation and arrangement, it’s a really different experience, and that’s something I really enjoyed for Music Ruined My Life.

Make sure to check the full thing on all platforms here and I highly encourage you to tap into this short documentary taking you backstage of this magnificent project:

posted by Nasko
October 2021