One of the most beautiful projects we've released got out today.

After the mesmerizing singles "Swimming Under Stars" & "Night Passage" (with Just Steezy Things), here come the 3 new additions (including one with English producer Banks) from our third release with Nogymx. "Doubtless" captivated me, personally, from the first listen - the piano and the bird sounds transported me in a forest and the melancholic strings made all worries go away.

Nogymx's Time Away EP is a 5-piece soundtrack crafted for your moments of seclusion - which even the most outgoing people need. He explains:

I am quite an extroverted person and spend a lot of time with friends and others but I still find it really important to have some time alone to gather my thoughts and Time Away is that; a calm, more introspective Nogymx.

Make sure to check the full project in your preferred service here. · Nogymx - Time Away EP
posted by Nasko
November 2021