Our connection with nature feels most cherished now when we barely have access to it. We appreciate every sunset, every bird song, every light breeze from our balconies, when spring is blooming right in front of us.

I find atmospheric chillhop the perfect soundtrack to it and NOGYMX managed to create such a fine example. The 2-track Drifting EP - his first release with Stereofox Records, effortlessly blends mellow keys, light shakers and floating water soundscapes. With the only aim to comfort the listener and bring them closer to the outside world. I love what Jimmy shares about it:

“I live in a city, a concrete jungle, with nature taking a backseat in favour of the convenient but hectic city life. I was sitting in my apartment with the wind blowing through my window and I began to imagine floating down a river at the turn of Spring. These thoughts then became “Drifting”. The calm movement of the track mimics the flowing river.
“Mellow Springs” followed soon after to help better paint the image of spring and the beginning of the journey. My friend sat with me and created the beautifully minimal guitar riff upon which the whole song was built.”

If you liked what you heard when you pressed Play (it's "Mellow Springs"), check out "Drifting", as well:

posted by Nasko
April 2020