Writing about stuff tends to be fairly easy. While I am far from a good writer, the years of features have made expressing myself rather easy. That being said, writing about Peyotoff is tough, because whatever I come up with won't be enough for the talent, creativity and desire to be better of this guy. Come back to this in a year and see how much he has grown and achieved.

Back to the release now! Peace, love, affection, prosperity – all the elements Petar has engraved in this body of work. Each of the 5 beats is inspired by one or a few of those symbols. “Feelings” is by far the most sensual beat on the EP and will take the listener on a journey of love and affection. “After Darkness”, on the other hand, is producer’s way of showing gratitude for being healthy and surrounded by the most important people in his life. Living Jewel is a reflection of Peyotoff’s every day life and all the things he is surrounded by, hence the usage of nature sound or everyday tiny details like the supermarket sound sample in “On My Way”. The beauty in this release is in its details.

I decided to share with you "More Than Anything" because of its calmness and warmth. Something I much needed today as its been rather stressful times.

The EP, created in its entirety in Peyotoff’s bedroom, is both a story and a challenge. The challenge is creating a homogeneous beat soundscape driven heavily by the sound of his Fender Jazzmaster guitar while showcasing his versatility and a wide range of genres. Honestly, I think he nailed it.

Stream the full Living Jewel EP everywhere here.

posted by Ivo
May 2022