Earlier this month Canadian hip hop / electronic producer duo Potatohead People graced us with their new 11-track LP Eat Your Heart Out released via Bastard Jazz. The album marks their official 4th LP since starting to make music over a decade ago. Building on their world-famous clean and musical production style, the album showcases the duo stepping into the spotlight as vocalists, songwriters, and musicians, confidently asserting their multifaceted talents.

My journey on the sonic airline created by Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical back in 2009 started in 2016 with "Blue Charms", and it has been a smooth ride ever since.

The album dropped on May 10th and has quite a few notable collaborators amongst which another Canadian legend - Moka Only (a guest on our label release with Soulization), Ivan Ave, Kendra Dias, and Frank Nitt who you can hear on another Stereofox Records release - TromBobby's PAUSE VOL. 2.

I decided to choose the album's opener "The Formula" because of the positiveness oozing out of those soothing horns, which made my early morning routine way nicer than it usually is. I like the cosmic feel engraved in the synths and the use of violin toward the track outro. They add a feeling of lush complexity to the whole composition while keeping it chill and unpretentious.

Needless to say, the song earned a prime spot on our contemporary jazz beats playlist.

posted by Ivo
last month