Last week we got a taste of Cloudchord & Soul Food Horns's new album Koi Pond LP and it's safe to say - things sound magnificent.

Just a day before album's official release, we're stoked to be hosting the premiere of one of my personally favourite album tracks. "Morning Crackle" is exactly what one would expect from a track with such name. Lovely, relaxing and just full of chillhop warmth. It is exactly what I would love to listen to while I wake up in a tent somewhere far, far away... as the sun's first rays colour everything in gold. And those flutes... such a lullaby.

Everything about this song says perfection. Actually, the whole album (out via Chillhop Records) is an absolutely must-hear experience. Koi Point is out tomorrow and you can listen /pre-order here.

posted by Ivo
July 2018