UK producer Project AER is slowly turning into a high-mark creator when it comes to relaxing and ambient-driven music. Seeing him teaming up with the hard-working guys at Tsunami Sounds definitely made me happy. Today's chill vibe is his work for their new compilation Waves which features other talented artists such as Stan Forebee, Remulak, ZOD1AC and of course project's founder Damon Broussard.

Speaking of his beautiful zen-driven beat, he shares...

"Soft Sound" was a standalone song I wrote that really fell into place as part of this compilation by Tsunami Sounds, Waves is their first compilation as a label and they did an incredible job, this song reall quickly went from having no real direction to finding the perfect home, wrapped up in the beautiful artwork by Santpoort, I don't think the song could have found a more fitting place to be released!

If you want to listen to or support the full compilation - you can do it below.

posted by Ivo
August 2020