Let me guide you into the world of electro-pop with today's video premiere of Pyrame's "The Pace of Everything That Lives". Buckle up, this is eerie.

Meet physics turned producer Pyrame. The Swiss-born, Berlin-based artist is definitely one to keep an eye on and today we get to re-experience the enhanced version of the track thanks to a beautiful set of visuals.

Pyrame takes us on an enchanting journey of self-discovery. Progressive in nature, "The Pace of Everything That Lives" is truly like embodying Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole. With an almost lofi/trap-like introduction, Pyrame creates an air of confusion through a mixture of rewinded and warped noises, gradually coming into focus as it reveals its authentic form and angelic vocals. The track is full of wonder and awe, yet if you listen closely, you find it laced with a darker kind of energy. His ability to explore the conversation between varying elements, using the melancholy lyrics, alternating oriental melody and rumbling bass, only adds to its mesmerizing aura.

With this latest EP, Pyrame has managed to impressively capture the intensities of life itself and has programmed them into a complex and slowly unveiling love letter. With oriental melodies, synthy greatness, and progressive beats, this EP is sure to get your emotions running high and nostalgia running deep.

The Pace of Everything That Lives is set to be released on both vinyl and digital, on September 18th.

Watch the video below.

posted by Ivo
November 2021