Ready for a trip? If yes, just press 'play' and let Rodney Hazard take you on a future beats-inspired ride which will certainly refresh you!

The talented US producer and creative director is full of surprises and his latest project, and first Stereofox release, proves his ability to craft outstanding music pieces, charged with great vibes. "Attitude" is one of my favourite tracks off his new EP Sandcastles. It's such a gorgeous blend of music influences, combining the drive of a solid bassline, the bounce of awesome percussion and the ambience of soothing melodicism.

If you still haven't heard the EP, this track will give you a hint of what it's all about, but it's just a tiny glimpse of the outworldly universe Rodney constructed for any set of adventurously curious ears.

Stream Sandcastles on all platforms here.

posted by Nora
March 2022