Who wants to live forever? Transhumanism is knocking on the door (while it has already set a foot in) and we're soon to be confronted with numerous important questions.

How is this related to sftspkn and Metic's new release, you'll ask. Well, I was just thinking that as long as we have such calming music around, "forever" doesn't seem so scary. Also, lofi music, with the retro inspirations behind it, is an interesting counterpoint to the highly futuristic endeavours our world is up to right now.

This track gives us yet another opportunity to simply enjoy the moment and melt in peace. Taken off sftspkn's latest EP, "forever" features the lovely guitar melodies performed by Metic. If you want to prolong this moment of relaxation, simply dive in the whole EP below:

sftspkn · once upon a time (ep)
posted by Nora
November 2021