sftspkn (soft-spoken) is one of those beat makers whose sound is so pleasant to the ears and recognizable it cannot be confused with any other. By continuing to refine his unique style and producing effervescent and evocative beats, he now returns with his new conceptual 2-piece soothing audio ode – introspective.

This elegantly lo-fi instrumental of carefully selected elements is about finding the long way to home when you are feeling lost or struggling with issues.

Mellow guitars, chilled keys & dreamy pads will lead your way until you find inner peace and happiness.

“It’s so easy to overthink, and I sometimes find myself spending more time in my own head than I do living my life. Music–making it or even just listening to it–is an integral part of how I process my thoughts, feelings, and general mood. When I catch myself in one of those introspective moods, just plain getting caught up within myself, the best thing I can do is take the long way home and find some space to clear my head. These tracks were made for anyone who feels the same.”


Space out with his new EP here.

posted by Boris
July 2022