Learning to recognize the echoes of your previous desires is a much-needed skill when you tend to constantly reshape yourself. And while keeping the focus on one big particular goal, it's important to remember that there are a gazillion ways to achieve it and none of them is the 'right one'. Adapting and allowing your needs and goals to evolve is the best way to utilize the lemons fate blesses you with.

This came to my mind while listening to shorikbeats' latest track. A lofi tune that features brilliant keys, "Echoes" is a meeting point of influences, which presents lofi in another light. Shorik(Ori Angel) used all the tools at his disposal to create this winter-themed beat including writing the orchestral music and playing all the instruments. Keeping in mind lofi's relaxing nature, he carefully enriched the composition with rather classical elements and melodies, without disrupting the easy-going flow of the track.

So, in case you can't choose between chilling with lofi or classical music, shorikbeats has got you covered!

posted by Nora
December 2021