This next feature is, hands down, one of the best beats I've scouted in a while. Love the vocal chops and the 90s feel that UK-based producer and multi-instrumentalist SUPER SOFA infused in his new sonic delight "A LIE".

Ben is someone who has been roaming the instrumental space for a while and you may know him from his aliases Thomorrow, mœbius and Memory Phoam. With this new project, he aims to channel his love of sample-based hip-hop and Neo-soul drawing influences from the greats of J Dilla, Madlib, Q-Tip, and Nujabes.

"A Lie" with its recurring two-word refrain is an evocative gospel hymn exploring the essence of untruthfulness. Featuring gritty vocal chops, a dusty piano, and driving drums, "A Lie" culminates in a soulful ballad reminiscent of D’Angelo’s Voodoo era.

A great reason to be excited about his upcoming EP FEET UP (June 27th with Platoon).

posted by Ivo
last month