Today on the menu we've got the tightness of Anderson .Paak's drumming, the groove of Kaytranada, the laid-back feel of knxwledge, and Daniel-Caesar-meets-Childish-Gambino vocals to die for.

Add to all of this beautiful blend a layer of carefree summer happiness and 70s soul vibe... and you've arrived at Trombobby and C-MO's new track "Розова Градина" (Pink Garden). 2 of the best people in the Bulgarian soul, r&b and future beats scene are back together for a new album. Trombobby, C-MO и единствените им приятели (...and their only friends) is a beyond-worthy follow-up to their 2019 EP The Year Without A Summer and 2020's Vsichko e Nared. The guys are the sound equivalent of pancakes and maple syrup... best combo ever. Musicianship aside, you can feel the friendship and the whole give and take between the 2 musicians in every single track on the release.

My picking for the day (and the album as a whole) is a soothing soul palette blended with playful, yet intimate r&b-driven vocals. "Pink Garden" is the release's opening track and it kicks off with a quick attack thanks to a tight snare. Groove from the get-go. This is not your typical r&b record, so get ready to bust some slick dance moves throughout the whole composition.

A major prop to their only friends Evden (bass), Peter AKA Peyotoff (guitar), and Rado (drums). We actually had the pleasure and honor to release with both Trombobby and Peyotoff this year, and there's nothing but excitement to see the great music being created around me.

Stream the full album on Spotify below.

posted by Ivo
May 2021