Looking for a quick way to get to the beach? Play this.

Two roommates, Ultramarinblau & Mablu, made this summery, feel-good beauty called "Sin Susto", meaning "without fear" - just 2 days after moving in together. After short improvising & some shaky vocal lines, the title came naturally, as Mablu was requested "to sing the whole thing "without fear".

Bossa-nova vibes, thanks to Ultramarinblau's acoustic guitar, catchy drum & percussion groove, and warm vocals by Mablu - this is what I call a summer-in-a-song.

This gorgeousness is actually part of our friends DQBT's new compilation called Summer Beats Vol. 2, which you can tune in below. And more songs to come your way in the next few days.

posted by Nasko
July 2022