Bringing different worlds together and bending genres, the Nicaraguan/American avant-garde artist, record producer, beatmaker and songwriter VKZ (pronounced vics) knows no boundaries when it comes to music making. His vision is to bring his fans along on a spectacular musical journey that will open their minds to different styles, genres of music and productions. His latest release, called “Tea In China” is no exception to that agenda.

The track could be described as an atmospheric lofi house, containing several other influences. The turning point, which you can’t miss, occurs in the last minute with the gorgeous beat switch. The naughty guitar licks, the collage of snippets and the sneaking horns, come together to compliment the slick percussion. VKZ surely knew how to turn the track into a winner of the listener’s heart, providing the perfect amount of good vibes.

posted by Nora
September 2021