Something about yungmerrin's "sage" strangely reminds me of childhood, and I feel that sentiment echoes the rich nostalgic factor pouring out of this release.

"sage" is not only the 6th collaboration between Dutch producers yungmerrin and C.enci but also their debut release on Stereofox. The pair intend to provide a cozy experience for listeners and they’ve certainly achieved it with their warm, and comforting take on jazzhop. Soulful brass arrangements breathe life into the track while vibrant percussive textures layered underneath the keys offer us a lively rhythm section.

yungmerrin shares, “We went for a jazzhop vibe and tried to make the song feel as cozy as possible. I created the melodies and C.enci took care of the drums in the song, while normally it’s the other way around.

You're welcome to find out more about this gem here.

posted by Lu
December 2023