Grammy-nominated producer and drummer Adam Deitch doesn't quit. Outside of his constant rotation between his six-piece funk band Lettuce, electronic element Break Science, and his own Adam Deitch Quartet, he's also finding time for solo work. Such work ethic has brought him a reputation across music scenes as a drummer for John Scofield , Soulive, Pretty Lights, and more.

It's no wonder, then, that he's also taking time to produce chilled tunes. Some years ago, he released a mix on soundcloud entitled Late Nite Collection which takes listeners through a collage of tight drum breaks and spacey synths. As of last year, the whole collection is available on Spotify and Soundcloud via his own Golden Wolf Records.

"Flora Fauna" brings proper harmonies, vintage synths (compliments of Lettuce's Nigel Hall) and a golden era hip hop swing. Learn more about this release and stream the original mix below:

I compiled all of these from the hundreds of tracks I have laying around based on their ability to CHILL ME OUT! These instrumentals can put peaceful visions in your mind while keeping you grounded with soulful thumping drum breaks and bass lines. J Dilla, Pete Rock, and Diamond D's styles have been constant sources of inspiration for these joints! Have fun relaxin!!

- Adam Deitch

Stream Adam Deitch's Late Nite Collection on Spotify and Soundcloud.

posted by Mike
January 2020