It's time for something pleasantly dreamy and vividly groovy!

Fonteray's new track "Floating Through My Head" is a gorgeous blend of indie, electronica and chillwave - meant to escort you to the pavilion of purple dreams.

Driven forward by its colourful, groove-centric bed, the single showcases the Melbourne-based artist's adoration for slinky basslines, vibrant synthesisers and a production style that marries modern and vintage sounds. Fonteray states:

I think there was something about the groove and harmony of the song which made me sentimental. It ended up being an expression of those grander moments that stick with you, and how defining they can be even after being weathered by perspective, and made vague by time.

Indeed, there's something about the harmony that's incredibly soothing and makes it hard not to loosen up and listen to the song on repeat.

posted by Nora
April 2022