I don't know if it's the energizing drums or the captivating melodicism, but this track is an instant mood-booster that can take you out of the Tuesday dullness.

"Cali Roll" is situated somewhere between indietronica and breakbeat, combining rhythmical drive with hazy nostalgia. Kiskadee shares:

The track started as a wavey psych-folk ballad written by Rudi Falla/Monti Loren, lead singer of Volleyball. I then sampled and flipped the track into Cali Roll. There are field recordings and soundscapes littered around including voices of our friends meant to evoke memories of late nights as the sun sets on a long summer day.

Certainly a track, reminiscent of those incredibly joyful summer nights that you just don't want to end...

posted by Nora
June 2022