A wonderful cosy soundtrack for those winter days, meant to be spent under the blanket (being surrounded by Christmas decoration is a bonus).

“Crystal Ball” is a folk-tinged tune, full of dreamy textures, sophisticated strings and enriched by Lila's pristine vocals. Where her previously released single "2023" reflects on themes of uncertainty and predictability in an ironic way, this one looks at it directly. The US artist shares:

There’s a lot of frustration in it - I remember going to the studio with Jordan Reyes, who produced this song, and wanting to yell into the mic. That was something I’d never done before. All of the vocals I’d ever recorded had been so soft, for the sake of hiding my own fears underneath reverb and delay… The background vocals in Crystal Ball are all first takes of me just screaming the song from across the room, the mic picking up only the loudest frequencies. It’s maybe as sincere as I get. It’s a special sort of feeling.

This single represents a different chapter of Lila's sound and will be followed by more tracks. The project is meant to be a representation of the early romances, worries, and fears one experiences while growing up. So if you fancy this new direction she took, keep an eye on her next releases.

posted by Nora
November 2021