Do you know that feeling when a song instantly puts you in a better mood?

If you can't seem to quench that thirst for groovy beats then look no further.

"Let It Slide" checks all the marks off the list; beautiful sound selection full of character, banging drums sitting perfectly in the pocket of the groove, and that signature Moods feeling that he brings to all his work.

An incredibly rich and powerful track. What an experience! Personally, I'm particularly fond of how the keys sound. They've got a great amount of body and they don't sound cluttered in the mix. And the little licks are just the cherry on top... so good!

Not to talk about the drums... If you know me you know I'm a sucker for a tight drum groove. And in my opinion, they sound absolutely flawless on this one.

The track is off of his latest project Music Ruined My Life. An album is full of soul and analog feel, which is mainly due to all the acoustic elements in use. It really sounds like this was all recorded in the studio. And from the sound of this entire record, I'd bet my money and say that it is.

So if you're not familiar with this guy already go bump his work, he's an incredible artist and definitely one to watch for in the future!

Check out the rest of the album below!

posted by Axian
February 2022