Setting the Friday party mood, Paper Idol is back with a new EP, which features reimaginations of the original Mania Days tracks by Lenno, PRNDL, Tokyo Project, Crypto.

Tightrope, remixed by Paper idol himself, is a vibrant tune, which will undoubtedly make you vibe along, especially when the drums come in. Paper idol shares:

I started working on the "Tightrope" remix during a livestream, just for fun. Halfway through the process, I took a trip to Tel Aviv (where my family lives) and rented out this slick, dark studio on the busiest street in the city. I was working till dawn every night, kind of soaking up the energy of the city’s nightlife...and that energy ended up in the remix! This version of "Tightrope" has the spirit of Tel Aviv -- a bit more vibrant and cinematic than the original.

Well, this explains the energy boost which the track provides! Scroll below for the rest of the EP:

posted by Nora
November 2021