Following his highly acclaimed release “Like We Used To” under Majestic Casual, MKSTN returns with his new single, “Lust For Delirium” and I'm more than thrilled to premiere this enchanting track.

MKSTN stands for dreamy, nostalgic, and authentic feelings. “Lust For Delirium” shows all of that accompanied with a relaxed rhythm, 80s synth work, and ASMR-like vocals. Basically, a sonic scape of falling in love! The Toronto-based producer shares:

Making this song was special to me because it's something I've felt countless times but never found another song that quite captured the feeling. The moment of falling in love or thinking of a time where I've fallen in love. The feeling is so addictive and I wanted to capture how hypnotic and delusional it can make you feel. It can have you lusting for more and make you delirious at times.

The track‘s ethereal atmosphere wouldn’t be the same without the beautiful airy vocals, which BTW belong to the producer himself. They leave the visual impression of two spirits floating and swirling around together in an ecstatic dance, beyond matter and physical restraints.

MKSTN really managed to capture a really special emotion in this track. Beware! Some wings might grow on your back while listening!

posted by Nora
July 2021