Amazing new music from the brilliant Casablanca-based beatmaker Saib, known for his hip-hop and jazz-flavored beats.

At its heart, "Suave" is essentially a pensive bossa nova bop. Following the introduction of a typical Brazilian rhythmic pattern, the song transitions into a decidedly hip-hop style with the addition of a deep bass drop and crisp drums layered over bossa claves. Notes on the saxophone that are both comforting and enduring can be heard intermittently throughout the track. Elements of bossa nova, jazz, and hip hop come together to create an uplifting and relaxing track ideal for listening to as summer winds down.

Saib's Unwind arrives on the scene on September 16th, 22 via Jakarta Records and features hip hop legend Masta Ace & beatmaker ØDYSSEE. Props to star-Moroccan photographer Ismail Zaidy (GQ Middle East, BASE Milano, Vogue Arabia) for the beautiful artwork and Jakarta's Robert Winter for the additional creative work.

posted by Georgi
August 2022