Brighton-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Natty Reeves reveals the second single taken from his forthcoming album Our Time, titled “Snakes In The Grass”.

Following the release of the album's first single ', 5:23 am', the track sees Natty bring in rising London-based trumpeter Poppy Daniels, who presents some mouth-watering horns throughout, complimenting Natty’s signature production and intricate guitar-play.

Without a single word, the track is telling a story full of dreams, hopes and sudden twists of reality. The elegant intro grows into a wonderfully arranged sonic panorama when the dynamic but unobtrusive percussion comes in. Everything belongs together, creating a bright and moving atmosphere, with the composition not lacking proper development.

Inviting Poppy Daniels on this track was a great move of Reeves’ since the brass elements are bringing truly special flavour to the sound design, which is balanced and rich in nuances.

Overall,  a wonderful track, as always, which goes well served with some Sun and cooled white wine.

posted by Nora
July 2021