North London-based drummer and producer Chiminyo won our hearts back in 2021 thanks to his K.O.G. feature "See Me" and it's time to share something new and groovy.

Uniri (which he brought together) are 4 "synth badbois" and they dropped "Soar" on Friday (thanks to Josh from Somewhere Soul for the recommendation). The song fuses dusty/distorted drums with extraterrestrial synths that end up in a groovy cocktail of psychedelic pop and jazz.

The 4-piece consists of Chiminyo on drums, Al MacSween (synths), Luke Wynter (bass), and Amane Suganami (AKA Amane) on synths as well. We have a new supergroup on our hands and based on how dope "Soar" is, we're in for a ride.

posted by Ivo
February 2024